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November 28, 2009
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The End From Orbit by Jedi-Art-Trick The End From Orbit by Jedi-Art-Trick
I'm not sure the earth is going to end in the biblical sense of the word or how the History channel all-too-enthusiastically talks about every other show. Isn't it a little arrogant to think that we or our gods can destroy or even harm the planet? We only harm the things that live here. I tend to think that we are at the earth's mercy, not the other way around.

Done in Painter.
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cjhaacke Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
No matter what we do to this planet, I think in a million years, there will be little sign our species was ever here in any event.
Jedi-Art-Trick Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Possibly, but I think if we play our cards right we might still manage to be here by then.
cjhaacke Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
Long odds, though.
Militant-Jester Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010   General Artist
Love you random description XD
Anyways, nice work... like the destroyed moon, although the flat black background's a little 'meh.'
I think that if we ended up killing all/most life on the planet (possible) Earth would pretty much be dead... sure the planet is still here (...probably :O), but what distinguished Earth from other planets is the life on it.
FalconFan Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009
Wow...this is so powerful: disturbing, and yet somehow fascinating, too...

I'm with you and your last commenter on the Earth enduring, no matter what happens to us (the human species). It has the necessary elements still available, even after we're gone, to renew lifeforms--I think :icondarthgouki: is right, that after several thousand years, there would be life anew, and little evidence of our ever having been here....

The larger question of the Divine is one I will side-step, however--it's a charged issue, and one each of us holds highly personal view on!

This is a beautiful piece, though--very realistic, very moving in that we can see the cataclysm on a global scale... Best of luck in the contest!

FenrirBralor Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I never really believed in a "the end of the world" scenario, at least from the point of view that the world itself would be ended. I think Humanity could very well end itself, whether through famine, disease, or war, but the planet itself would endure and eventually even heal itself to the point where very little evidence of our ever BEING here would be left behind.

As far as God and religion goes, well, I believe that in a way, God IS the planet, or at least the planet and the universe are aspects of God's "body" as it were. Of course, I could be wrong on this theory, but who really has those answers, right?

The way I see it, there's only one way we'll ever know the answers, and that's dying. And by that point, we couldn't tell anybody what we learned (if anything) because we'd be dead at that point.

Meh. Whatever. Painting looks cool, anyway. Hope you win. :)
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