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Fallout: Ghoul Kid

Ballpoint drawing of a ghoul kid, referencing a Norman Rockwell painting. 

Putting an apocalyptic spin on Rockwell’s work just fits so well into the Fallout-aesthetic. I’ve done a few of these lately, I’ll upload more soon.

Why let a wall stop you when you're a space marine? Our Deathwatch Novamarine doesn't. 

Sketched in ballpoint during our RP game
Ork Lumbajak
"Something need doing? WERK WERK"

Dirty scan of a ballpoint pen drawing
Deathwatch: Adrin

My new Deathwatch character! Adrin is a noble-born psyker who has a talent for mind reading and manipulation of others. After being taken to the Scholastica Psykana, he was shipped off to the Imperial Guard where he became little more than a psychic weapon living in a cage and carted across the battlefields to disrupt the enemy by peering into their minds and outright controlling their bodies. The psyker stigma made this time truly torturous, as he was barely fed and treated as far less than a human- the Guard didn’t expect him to live as long as he did. 

Eventually, some Raptors Astartes operating alongside Adrin’s Guard unit took notice of his unique telepathy abilities and above-average intelligence. They took him off planet and he was deemed fit to begin the arduous process of transformation into a Space Marine, later becoming a Librarian.

Adrin holds on to his noble upbringing as a way of clinging to what identity he has left after his life fell apart. He frequently incorporates high gothic into his already eloquent speech, and maintains certain eccentricities and affectations of the Imperium’s elite class. His formal and polite demeanor relax others to trust him. He seems to the military men he serves with a breath of fresh air, affording respect and kind words to others, and showing grace and patience for their mistakes. However, this habit of good manners conceal what is essentially a cold psychopathy: an emotional barrier made possible by a childhood of extreme wealth and privilege, understanding no want or difficulty. Following this was a late adolescence of horror and brutality on the front lines of galactic war, being treated with less mercy by his fellow man than by the alien enemy across the trench lines. 

In battle, Adrin always looks for the smarter path to victory, as the Raptors taught him. He thinks laterally, always seeking to gather more intelligence about a situation and devise devious ways to surprise the enemy. He uses his psychic talents sparingly and in more subtle ways than many other Librarians; opting to telepathically turn a key enemy against his fellows at the perfect moment rather than blast them with lightning or some other grandiose display of power. His actions may seem cowardly to more honor-focused battle brothers, but he simply embraces the way of his chapter: intelligence, stealth and deception.



Tony Warne
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