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Joanna Dark! by Jedi-Art-Trick
Joanna Dark!

Perfect Dark was my favorite N64 game. I thought it would be fun to mess around with her design, make it a bit less 2000s. Her renders looked like those awful “gamer babes” that you see on Radeon graphics card packaging to this day. Ugh.

I’d love to see a good reboot of this series, swiping some gameplay elements from Deus Ex and other RPG/FPS hybrids to make a proper corporate spy/conspiracy exposer experience. 

40k Death Guard by Jedi-Art-Trick
40k Death Guard
He's here to spread blessings and joy upon those both naughty and nice. Papa Nurgle is generous like that.

Typing this suddenly gives me an idea to do Nurgle daemons as Santa and his reindeer and.... yikes. That image will be in my head for a while. 

I went for a mixed look between post- and pre- Heresy Death Guard; I'm fond of the white with gold trim covered in tarnish and wear look. Conveys a 'fall from grace' theme better than dull green and puke brown does. 
Overwatch: Dommetra
....or Symmetrix? 

I really appreciate the sexiness of Overwatch's characters. Honestly I can't be bothered too much about the politics of sexual objectification in games and media here; I love these damn characters! They are beautiful and vivid and eye catching for many reasons, many of which are purely aesthetic, and some admittedly sexualized. I hope Blizzard just doubles down on this: make everybody sexy! I don't mean sexy in the same way as this pervy Symmetra piece I did, but just full of vibrant character and charisma and life, represented in great design, voice acting and animation. Lots of races and body types and costumes. There is still a gap between female character diversity and design "limits" with male characters. But the gap is slowly getting thinner.

There are always social criticisms to be had, even here, and that's a line Blizzard has to walk; This is an easily outraged society in a constant phase of asking itself a lot of difficult questions about representation of women in a deeply entrenched patriarchy. BUT I feel like Blizzard generally knocked this one out of the park, and they did it by embracing the possibilities of character diversity combined with an almost childish cartoon aesthetic. It just works. There's a reason everybody's become obsessed with these characters and flooding the internet with fanart (much of it pornographic).

This game is sexy. And it is awesome.
Part5: Behind The Throne by Jedi-Art-Trick
Part5: Behind The Throne
Literally. Sneak attack critical!

Now that I have Kyle's Brushes, the 'look' of the comic has changed a tad towards the textural. I welcome feedback about this direction change. The look of this series is undoubtedly going to change naturally over time, but I'm still not 100% sure the direction I want to take it.

More experimentation is needed....
Overwatch Mei D.Va
Press Q!

I think D.Va complained about her mech not having air conditioning to the wrong person.

A gift for a friend.


Tony Warne
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